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Welcome to the American Watch Co. collection. The watches shown here are the result of a serious urge to collect rare high grade American watches that began in 1985.

The first watch in the collection was a 20 size American Watch Co. piece with serial number 50028. It was purchased at the Portobello flea market in London during a spare afternoon on a business trip. The dealer had rescued the watch from the gold smelter a few weeks before I purchased it.

The watch was not on display and I would not have recognized it in any case. The dealer had a number of very nice watches and I asked him if he had any items that might be of interest to an American collector. He pulled out from under his case, a Waltham Aubert patent 5 minute repeater in an unmarked case probably of English origin and the 20 size in its original Robbins & Appleton case. He remarked that the 20 size was the nicest finished keywind watch that he had ever examined.

Unfortunately, I had to part with the 5 minute repeater some years ago, but the 20 size remains the cornerstone of the American Watch Co. Collection.

After many years of searching and collecting high grade Waltham watches, and similar items from other companies, this watch remains my pride and joy.

The links on the left take you to each of the watches in the American Watch Co. collection. I hope you enjoy browsing these images and descriptions.


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