Dwarf Tall Clock

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Front, Front angle view, Front door open, Hood off, Strike side view, Strike side closeup, Time side view, Time side closeup, Hood front, Hood back, Number on case

This pretty dwarf tall clock is signed J. Wilder, Hingham and has a rocking ship opening in the dial. It is a high quality reproduction with a movement adapted from a German Vienna regulator.

The case design is identical to the dwarf tall clocks sold originally by Elmer Stennes and later by Foster Campos. From the structure of the hood, and the generous use of glue blocks in the door, the case looks more like Campos work than Stennes. However, Foster Campos does not recall either he or Elmer Stennes ever selling one of these clocks to another craftsman. They never put any signature on a clock other than their own.

The solid case finials and the number 100 incised on the top of the case are typical of work done when Campos  first went to work with Stennes so it is possible that time has dimmed the memory of this little charmer.