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English Makers
Patek Phillipe
Swiss American Makers
Other Europeans

The European watches in the collection include examples from England, Switzerland, Germany and France. Some of these watches also appear in the Chronometer collection.

The English examples start with a George Graham cylinder from 1749 and include several John Roger Arnold pieces and a sampling of makers from the end of the 19th Century to the beginning of the 20th.

There is an emphasis on watches made for the American market including those commissioned in Europe for American companies. The earliest in this collection is the Brockbanks chronometer with Peto's cross detent escapement that was apparently made to be sold in New York. It cannot be precisely dated, but was almost certainly before 1815 and possibly as early as 1795. There is also a group of American/contract watches in the Early American collection that includes examples from the Federal Period between 1776 and 1812.

Patek Phillipe has long been considered the prime maker of Swiss watches and there are a number of Pateks in the collection from some of the earliest to the 20th century Bulletin de Marche watches.


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