Chronograph with 5 Minute Repeater
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Chronograph with 5 Minute Repeater
Chronograph with 5 Minute Repeater

American Waltham Watch Company S# 3,793,257, circa 1887, 14 Size Model 1884 nickel damascened movement jeweled to center, with 5 minute repeating works chronograph mechanism. "American Waltham Watch Company" is engraved on a bridge above the top plate. Like the previous example, the repeat function is activated by a slide on the rim of the case, and the chronograph functions, including, start, stop, and flyback are activated by the side button on the opposite side of the case from the repeat slide. The dial is signed "A.W.W. Co. Waltham," and the watch has a 14K gold hunting case stamped "Waltham."

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