American Watch Company
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Precursors to Industrial Watches
The Boston Watch Co
The Waltham Model 1857
E. Howard & Company
American Watch Company
Complicated Watches
Machinery and Systems
Workers Together

The American Watch Co. was created in 1859 as the merger of the Appleton, Tracy Co. and the Waltham Improvement Co. (land venture). This name and the products produced established the benchmark of all other high quality production. The short adventure of many of the key employees with their own company  in Nashua, New Hampshire is included in this catalog. If you would prefer to read the catalog and follow links this link takes you to the American Watch Co. Catalog.

kw18_Movement.jpg (130151 bytes) barrelopen.jpg (229423 bytes) Nashua1233mvt.jpg (247124 bytes) 20S_Movement.jpg (151328 bytes) Wyrtsma_inscription.jpg (243537 bytes)
1859 model (KW18) American 1861 model 10 size Appleton Tracy Nashua Watch Co. KW20 American Watch Co. grade KW20 Presidential Citation KW20
kw16g_Movement.jpg (129896 bytes) Vibrator_Movement.jpg (116423 bytes) NickKW16_Movement.jpg (133768 bytes) 1868_Movement.jpg (126862 bytes) CVWpat_Movement.jpg (176469 bytes)
American Watch Co. KW16 American Watch Co. Vibrating HS KW16 American Watch Co. Nickel KW16 American Watch Co. 1868 model C.V. Woerd Dustproof Patent Model
1strun72_Movement.jpg (125960 bytes) CVWHC_Movement.jpg (140592 bytes) CVWOF_Movement.jpg (137365 bytes) Hewettdial.jpg (175001 bytes) Late72_Movement.jpg (243983 bytes)
1st Run 1872 model American grade Woerd's Patent 1872 model HC Woerd's Patent 1872 model OF 1872 model Runic Dial American grade Late 1872 model American grade
1870first_movement.jpg (77949 bytes) awc70ld.jpg (55337 bytes) 1870_nailset.jpg (52269 bytes) 1870_fitch.jpg (46521 bytes)
1st Run 1870 model 1868 Setting 1870 model Nail Setting 1870 model Fitch's Patent Setting 1870 model Button Setting 1870 model
83frost_HCmvt.jpg (230847 bytes) 83frost_OFmvt.jpg (222080 bytes) AdamChronomMvt.jpg (269816 bytes) 83employee_movement.jpg (264717 bytes)
Lever Setting 1870 model 1883 Frosted Damaskeening HC 1883 Frosted Damaskeening OF Adams #1 Chronometer Employee Watch 1883 model 20 jewel Employee Watch