Boston The Cradle of American Watchmaking
Seminar On-Line Catalog - October 17th to 19th, 2002

The Seminar Program covered many aspects of the early development of the machine made watch including preliminary developments in Europe, the early experiments in America, the major developments in Boston and the impact of these activities on the European watch industry. The James Arthur Lecture focused on the impact of timekeeping on the modern world

The Seminar Exhibit is arranged in several themes. Each theme has a catalog page devoted to it that can be reached through one of the links on this page. The intent of the on-line catalog is that visitors to the exhibit can get  a somewhat better view of some of the items on display by looking at the on-line photographs.

The Themes are:

Within each theme, you will be able to click on images to see more or larger images of the items on display.

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