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Watch and Clock collecting is rapidly moving to the internet. This activity takes the form of personal web sites maintained by collectors, organizational sites sponsored by various collector groups and commercial sites. Below are some of my personal favorites..
  • Pocket Horology Provides an archive of research materials on pocket watch history and technology. This site is sponsored by NAWCC Chapter 174.

  • Early American Watch Club is another venue for discussing pocket watches and horological topics in general. It has an active horology research message board that is moderated by NAWCC Chapter 149.

  • American Horologe is Jon Hanson's web site to provide access to his collection of fabulous pocket watches and essays on the development of the American watch industry and Jon's personal adventures in watch collecting over the past 50 years. This is a highly personal view of what is often called the World's Greatest Collection of pocket watches.

  • NAWCC Provides the portal to all the services and actisvities of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. This site also maintains a public bulletin board as well as information about the organization.

    • Pocketwatch Discussion on the NAWCC Message Board provides a general location to ask questions and discuss pocket watches. As the premier location for discussions and information on horology. It provides an active conversational venue to supplement the research material and organional information on the NAWCC web site.

  • Clock/Watch This is an incredible site for the theory and mechanism of escapements. It focuses a little more on clocks than watches but is very strong on both. The full color animations are the best I have seen. Volker Vyskocil appears to be the force behind the site and interestingly, he is just learning to be a precision clockmaker.

  • Time Hill This is a research repository for information on the Gruen Watch Company and its history.

  • Wayne's Elgin World Elgin research and collector site.

  • Interstate Time Great site for Illinois and general collection advice

  • Mark Headrick's Horology Great site for escapements and web design ideas. Be sure to check out the escapements in motion.

  • My Online Pocket Watch Collection Barry Goldberg's Collection.

  • Consumer Price Index A handy calculator to find out how much something "should" cost. (Prior to 1900 inflation calculator)

  • Currency Converter One of the best with conversion and general information on currencies. This link defaults to Pounds Sterling, but all other currencies can be selected.